Diving Trips
To Raja Ampat and any wonderful destination at Indonesian water.
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Cisadane River
Pengalaman Arung Cisadane
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Raja Ampat
A wonderful diving trip
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MAPPAS Indonesia, founded in 2006, is an Indonesian Tourism Care Association dedicated to providing tourism consultancy and assistance to the Indonesian market. With a key focus on the Moslem visitor, MAPPAS Indonesia works to provide the necessary infrastructure for Moslem travelers to feel comfortable and supported while exploring the Indonesian archipelago.

MAPPAS Indonesia understands the importance of Moslem hospitality and strives to ensure that Moslem visitors feel welcomed and safe while traveling in Indonesia. To that end, they have developed a comprehensive system of support services for Moslem visitors. These services include specialized accommodations, halal food options, and prayer space.

MAPPAS Indonesia also works to provide travel and investment advice for those looking to visit or invest in Indonesia. They help to provide information about local services, attractions, and culture, as well as investment opportunities for those looking to tap into Indonesia’s booming tourism industry. This includes advice on opening a business, purchasing land, and obtaining visas for those looking to move to Indonesia.


MAPPAS Indonesia’s staff is composed of highly experienced professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of the Indonesian tourism market. With extensive knowledge of the local culture, they are able to provide tailored services to those looking to explore Indonesia. Additionally, they are always on hand to answer questions and provide assistance to travelers and investors alike.


As the largest Moslem country in the world, Indonesia provides a unique opportunity for Moslem travelers to explore and experience a different way of life. With the help of MAPPAS Indonesia, visitors can feel secure knowing that they have the support and guidance of a professional team behind them. Through their comprehensive services and support, MAPPAS Indonesia is helping to ensure that Indonesia remains a safe and hospitable destination for all.